Project Index

Find here an index of projects on this site.  It’s easier than searching, I promise.

  • Hacking the iPad 3 LCD (ACTIVE)
  • Investigating the iPad 3 Touch Panel (ACTIVE)
    • Part 1: Initial investigation
    • Part 2: Digitizer pinout and breakout board
    • Part 3: Completed breakout and first electrical tests
  • Building a Desktop Reflow Oven (ACTIVE)
    • Part 1: Planning and investigating platform
  • Hacking the Macbook Pro Retina LCD (ACTIVE)
    • Part 1: Initial Investigation
    • Part 1.1: Additional backlight notes
    • Part 1.2: Investigating panel driver and power supplies
    • Part 2: FaceTime Camera interface
    • Part 3: First working demo
    • Part 4: First-revision PCB tests

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