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Miscellaneous updates, 2014-06-24

Hello all!  I apologize for the long time without updates.  Paying work has kept me busy enough that I haven’t had much time to work on this stuff for the past couple months.  I don’t have any new information to give, actually, just wanted to say that no, the site is not dead, I’m still here, just busy.

What I do need to say is that I will be moving sometime in mid to late July, and with me will come the server that this site runs on.  This means there may be up to a week of downtime while service is transferred to the new house and everything is set up.  Be patient, I’ll come back, I promise!

[EDIT 7/9/14] Oops… the move hasn’t happened yet, but the site’s been down for a while (days? weeks? I’m not sure) due to an IP reassignment that didn’t get propagated to the DNS.  Sorry about that.

[EDIT 7/17/14] Server move is complete.  Hooray!  Now, to move my test equipment so I can continue working on these projects…