Miscellaneous updates, 2014-06-24

Hello all!  I apologize for the long time without updates.  Paying work has kept me busy enough that I haven’t had much time to work on this stuff for the past couple months.  I don’t have any new information to give, actually, just wanted to say that no, the site is not dead, I’m still here, just busy.

What I do need to say is that I will be moving sometime in mid to late July, and with me will come the server that this site runs on.  This means there may be up to a week of downtime while service is transferred to the new house and everything is set up.  Be patient, I’ll come back, I promise!

[EDIT 7/9/14] Oops… the move hasn’t happened yet, but the site’s been down for a while (days? weeks? I’m not sure) due to an IP reassignment that didn’t get propagated to the DNS.  Sorry about that.

[EDIT 7/17/14] Server move is complete.  Hooray!  Now, to move my test equipment so I can continue working on these projects…

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous updates, 2014-06-24

  1. Darren Wade

    Glad to hear the server was moved successfully. I’ve really enjoyed reading through your articles. There don’t seem to be many people who publish this kind of information, and perhaps it is because not many people do it, or maybe it is that the people that do either don’t think anyone else is interested or believe they might be able to derive some form of intellectual superiority by keeping silent.

    1. mike Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! I just wish I could get back to this stuff, I haven’t touched it in months.

      I’m not sure why more of this isn’t out there. Maybe it’s too much of a niche application for people to gather and discuss such things – there are fifty million people using Arduinos, but only a handful interested in hacking around on displays… the internet is a sea of people and ideas, maybe we few just haven’t floated close enough together yet 🙂

      1. Daniel

        Well, hacking around the displays is a little higher league than playing with Arduinos, which are rather toys, with all those libraries around – nobody thinks enough low level = how it naturally works. The abstraction layers today everybody use will hide all the knowledge required for hacking the actual screens.

  2. Eason Chan

    Wow I can’t believe I didn’t see your work earlier… Amazing stuff. Stumbled upon this asking myself why there weren’t rMBP display standalones on the market.


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