Miscellaneous updates, 2015-01-31

Well, this is embarassing.  So much for my minimum-one-post-per-month goal.  Between working on the new house and real salaried work and some contract work on the side, I haven’t had a lot of time to post anything useful here lately.  Believe me, I’m just as disappointed as you are.  But never fear, I’ve just sent a new batch of boards off to be manufactured.  These boards are related to a previously-undocumented new project I’m working on, so there’ll be some new and interesting stuff to post in just a few short weeks.  Hopefully.

Beyond that, I’ve got some sort of left-field development I’m about to start on – a departure from the display stuff that’s gotten kind of repetitive for me.  As usual, stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous updates, 2015-01-31

  1. Mikhael

    Hey Mike! I’m Mikhael. I’m interested in one of the retina ipad to displayport boards. Do you have any available? What’s the ETA, time frame, and projected cost? Thanks for doing something awesome for the hacking-apple-stuff community!

    1. mike Post author

      Which board are you interested in? (The original simple board, the new slightly-less simple board, the full-featured board?)

      In any case the answer is the same, I don’t have boards immediately available, and what’s more, in the time that they’ve been released, some of the parts have become difficult to source. Still, if you can give me a heads-up on what you’re looking for, I can either see what it’d take to build a few, or at least point you in the proper direction for where to get one from a different source.

      Thanks for the interest!


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