Hi Adafruit!

Just noticed that Adafruit gave me a shout-out in the writeup for their Qualia desktop Retina display based on the 9.7″ iPad panel.  Thanks guys, and congrats on beating me to a finished product! 🙂

I swear I’ll get back to it someday…

7 thoughts on “Hi Adafruit!

  1. Mark N

    thats awsome man !!! im also a fan of adafruit products , didnt know that you were the one that inspire/trigger them to create this product. Good job !!

  2. ladyada

    hey mike! send us an email to the email address for comment here, we’d like to send you out a QUALIA! – Ladyada & team

    1. mike Post author

      Hi! How surreal – the Ladyada poking around my corner of the Web! 🙂

      An email is in the works.

      1. Daniel Rozsnyo

        Mike, I would say ladyada got just “highly inspired” by our designs – their board resembles my DP2RETINA and other interfaces I do. You and I are still the best reverse engineers and designers and we can always make new mind-blowing devices – taking a very high level of risk and investment of time and money into such projects. And folks like ladyada are more like China – copy it when it is successful enough, without any true engineering effort to make something unique.

        1. mike Post author

          That’s not entirely fair. Certainly Adafruit Industries is a business, and a such they have responsibilities to make profits. But with the huge number of no-name Chinese suppliers who would happily provide the same types of products (and at lower cost), it says something about the ‘value add’ that Adafruit provides that they remain successful – ‘no engineering effort’ implies no innovation, and from their catalog that does not appear to be true. It is true that the company does not build bleeding-edge high-tech products, because that is not the market they are catering to. They have a niche, and they are working within it.

          Speaking personally, I release my designs for free with no strings attached. If people want to run with them, more power to them. If Adafruit wants to sell this product and get it in the hands of more people, so they can do something even more interesting with it, more power to them as well. Your business model is somewhat different from mine though, so I understand how your opinions may differ!

    2. Nikolay Dimitrov

      Cool. I couldn’t attract AdaFruit team’s attention even when I wrote them before 1-2 weeks to kindly ask how I can purchase several IPS displays overseas. No response so far. AdaFruit is now a big corporation and distanced from their customers – no phone number, no e-mail address (it’s just “write us and we can respond you some day”). In my daily job I work for a small company (170K employees), and my e-mail and phone are publicly visible for communication.

  3. Jeffrey

    Adafruit, definitely have to issue incentive & report how many they have sold ( through this one could be difficult to them ), but issue funding to developer is a must. Not to mention they’re a 8M industry! ( Adafruit. while giving the old PNP away ) ~ We all need to eat & buy lots of RedBull for project ~

    Otherwise, let me know. We fab. in HK. we product SMT OEM hardware. Sure I can either OEM, or selling it as well. Profit we make will be share with u Mike ~ that’s much fare !

    Price would be some what $30 – 45 ~


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