Miscellaneous updates, 2013-12-04

Oops!  I told myself I would update this site at least once a month.  As you can easily see, I haven’t quite kept up with that desire.  Things have picked up in my professional life and I have not had nearly as much time lately to tinker with this stuff.  But here’s what’s going on.

  • iPad simple interface:  Currently out of stock.  I’ve sold all of my first-run boards and have not ordered more.  Sources for some of the components used have dried up, and I may need to change the board to accomodate replacements.  Additionally, based on the results of the Macbook board, I might want to add some small power supplies to the board to alleviate the need to provide two precisely regulated rails.  There is currently no ETA on this.
  • Macbook board:  Hasn’t been touched since the previous post.  Lack of time, unfortunately.
  • iPad digitizer research:  Starting up again.  The next “real” post may well be on this topic.
  • Other in-progress projects:  No further progress.
  • Metalworking:  I am now the proud owner of a Precision Matthews PM-932M mill/drill machine, so one of these days I’m planning a new series on making metal widgets.  Stay tuned for that.

Also please note:  The server on which this site resides is due for major hardware changes in the next week or two.  Expect downtime of up to a day or two while new hardware is installed and configured.  I suspect I’ll be too lazy to put up a “down for maintenance” message, so this will be the only warning.  Don’t worry, unless there’s some major hardware issue the site will be back soon.  [Edit: Complete.]

So that’s where I’m at.  No real news to pass, but it’s high time I posted “something” so folks don’t think this site is abandoned.  Hopefully the new year will bring more time to work on some of these in-progress half-finished projects.  We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous updates, 2013-12-04

  1. Ludwig

    Hi, we are also searching for a solution to connect the iPad Touch Panel to a PC to use it with the iPad Display. Did you made any further progress on that topic?

    Thanks for your work!

    1. mike Post author

      As I wrote in the last post on the topic, I have a concept for driving and sensing the panel, and just need to build a proof-of-concept to implement this. Lately however I’ve been investigating how Apple themselves drive the panel. The mechanism they use is fairly different to what I had in mind, and I’m having a somewhat difficult time trying to suss out what they are doing and why. I’m compiling some data now and should hopefully have a formal post in the next two or three weeks.


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