Miscellaneous updates, 2013-05-07

I don’t have enough content for a full post today, but here’s the state of things.

Full Interface Board

I discovered that I made a dumb mistake and left out the oscillator for the USB controller in the MCU.  The oscillator takes a good amount of floor space and the board is already packed, so a fairly serious redesign of that section of the board might be in order.  Thankfully I’m only out $40 and not the $couple hundred I would be at a traditional board house.  I’ll still use the existing boards to work out the kinks on the power switching and backlight sections and to develop the non-USB functions of the MCU.  Actually, so long as you aren’t using USB, the boards should still be perfectly workable.  Nonetheless, documents will be held back until this is resolved.

Button board

Probably too small, but I want to see how too small before I remake it.  Boards on order.  Documents released, but you probably don’t want them yet.

Simple interface board

Out for manufacture, documents released.  Go nuts, but do realize that I haven’t tested this design in the slightest yet.

There is also a new project on the horizon which will get its own post as soon as I can talk enough about it to do so.  It will be impossible to hand-solder these boards what with my love of QFN and related no-leaded parts and things with thermal slugs.  The company where I work has a nice 6-stage production-class IR reflow oven, but I’d rather not have to ask them to fire the thing up to do one tiny board.  For a few years now I’ve been contemplating building a desktop reflow oven for my personal projects, and this seems like it might be the perfect opportunity.  I have been gathering materials for a while and now am at a stage to put a design.  Keep an eye out for that in the coming days.

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