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Hello.  My name is Mike.  I’m an electrical engineer for a small company in the Midwestern United States.  I also like to build things of my own.  And this is my website about those things.

For many years, I have been dinking around with this or that.  I never really bothered to write anything down, and now I’ve had to go back and fix several things and I keep kicking myself that I never took the time to document what exactly I did.  Reverse engineering your own stupidity a year down the road can be a frustrating endeavor.

So I started this site to log my thoughts and assumptions and try to keep everything straight during and after a project build.  And hey, if there’s anything anyone else can use, even better.  Nothing is secret here; I try to make my work as accessible as possible.  So take my findings, take my designs, make your own boards, go nuts (though please don’t sell them directly!).  And if you take issue with any assumption I make, or if anything is unclear, please feel free to leave a comment.  I help you, you help me, we all win!

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  1. Alex

    Hi Mike,

    Sent you a email but not sure if you received it?
    Are you able to please ping me back?



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